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Best Chainsaw For Farm Use In 2023

Chainsaw For Farm Use

Farms are the second home to farmers, isn’t it? And like normal homes, they require maintenance too. So if your farm has grown trees or excessive bushes that are killing the overall look of the farm, then it’s the right to invest in an appropriate tool.

And what could be a better option than a chainsaw? These machines have been popular among farmers for a long time and proved very beneficial. They help you clean trees and brush from the farm, cut fence posts and rail from logs, and many more.

But which is the best chainsaw for farm use? Well, don’t worry anymore! In this article, I will be reviewing the 5 best chainsaws that can help you make your work easier and smooth. Now without wasting much time, let’s start our journey!

What To Look For In A Chainsaw Ideal For Farm Use.

In this section, I will discuss some crucial factors you need to consider before purchasing any chainsaw from the above-mentioned list. This will help you get your hands on the right machine and ultimately choose the one that suits your budget and requirement.

Power Source.

When it comes to chainsaws, there are three main categories depending upon the power source: electric corded, gasoline, and battery-operated.

Electric corded chainsaws are lightweight and powerful, and ideal for heavy-duty tasks. However, they have one limitation: they are not portable. So you can only use them if you have a nearby power outlet on your farm.

Secondly, battery-operated chainsaws might be good options when it comes to portability, but they are not ideal for large farms. The last one that is left is gasoline machines. These machines provide a great combo of power and portability due to their design and motor. However, they are heavier compared to other chainsaw machines.

All these power sources have pros and cons, and it depends on you which one to go for. Look at your farm area and your requirement, and then decide.

Type Of Engine.

The engine played a significant part in the overall performance of the chainsaw machine. Different companies offer their machines with a range of engines which can cause a difference in the output.

The ideal machine is one that emits less pollution and is more efficient in terms of fuel consumption. Look for a product that is manufactured in compliance with California Air Resource Board (CARB) as it will be more energy-efficient than others.

Size And Weight.

Chainsaw machines are one of the flexible tools in the market. They come in different chain blades, sizes, and weights. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to these features before buying any machine.

If you are a bulky man or have to cut the thick branches of a tree, then you should go for a powerful and heavy chainsaw machine. However, if you are a beginner and no heavy work is involved in your farm, a lightweight chainsaw machine will be more suitable for you.


Chainsaws that vibrate excessively can cause significant hand and arm fatigue, which can lead to reduced productivity and an increased risk of injury. By choosing a less vibrating chainsaw, you can work for longer periods without experiencing as much fatigue.


Consider the durability and quality of the chainsaw. Look for chainsaws made with high-quality materials that have solid construction. Chainsaws built to last can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Safety Features.

After all the features, don’t forget to look for safety features in the machine. Safety should be your top priority as these machines can be dangerous, especially if you are a beginner. Look for things like rubber grip handles, front hand guards, and LED lights, as they will not only make your work easier but also safe.

5 Best Chainsaw For Farm Use In 2023

#1: DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Chainsaw

The first product on our list is the Dewalt 20V max chainsaw. It’s one of the most popular and powerful chainsaws the company offers. There are a number of reasons which put this machine apart from others, and one of them is its efficiency.

Yes, you read it right! Efficiency plays an important part when it comes to farm use. Who would like to spend hours just cleaning bushes or tree trunks? Powered with a strong battery, the machine delivers up to 90 cuts when fully charged on 4×4 pressure-treated wood. Moreover, it features brushless motor technology that allows you to use the machine for several hours without issues.

It has a 12-inch bar and chain, ideal for outdoor purposes, and a chain break feature for kickback protection. Moving on, it’s designed in a way to ensure maximum safety for the user. The hand gripped is wrapped with a rubber coating that increases the grip and reduces vibrations when cutting solid wood.

Last but not least, it’s very easy to use; all you have to do is press the push button, and the machine will start working immediately.

  • ● Affordable
  • ● Battery operated
  • ● Efficient
  • ● Lightweight
  • ● User-friendly
  • ● Ideal for small farm
  • ● Oil leaks

#2:Poulan Pro 20 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

The second product on our list is the Polan Pro 20 Gas chainsaw. It’s packed with a lot of useful features and can be used for heavy-duty tasks. Its measures 16 “L x 12 “W x 11.8 “H and weighs 17 pounds, making it user-friendly.

It has a 2-cycle engine backed with OxyPower engine technology that delivers fast and robust cutting speed. This combo increases the machine’s performance and reduces fuel consumption. The machine uses 20% less fuel than other gasoline machines, reducing operating costs.

At the front, you will notice a 20-inch chain that easily tackles professional-grade operating on the farm. The purge bulb is another highlighting feature of the machine.

A purge bulb is a small, hand-held rubber bulb attached to the fuel line of small engines, such as those found in chainsaws. Its main purpose is to remove air and old fuel from the carburetor, which helps to improve engine performance.

  • ● Oxypowered engine technology
  • ● The effortless pull-starting system
  • ● Eco-friendly machine
  • ● Powerful motor
  • ● Combined choke/stop control
  • ● The design quality needs improvement

#3: EGO Power+ CS1804 18-Inch Cordless Chain Saw

If you are looking for a modern and robust chainsaw machine for your farm, look no further than this product. The CS180 from Ego Power has everything you can imagine. It features a durable and long-lasting body that allows you to use it for many seasons.

Furthermore, it is a cordless machine that runs with the help of 56V batteries, making it more flexible than gasoline ones. So during storm days, when electricity is cut down during heavy rain or wind, you can still use this machine to remove excess branches or trees.

Furthermore, it has a massive 18-inch Oregon bar and chain and a powerful motor that promises 300 clear cuts on a 4×4. Isn’t it amazing? Coming to its horsepower, the machine offers 550 watts of horsepower, sufficient enough to handle larger and more complicated jobs.

Unlike other machines, it is equipped with bright LED lights. These LED lights can provide increased visibility when working in low-light conditions, such as during early morning or late evening hours. This can make it easier to see the work area and avoid accidents.

  • ● Cordless
  • ● 550 watts horsepower
  • ● Built-in LED lights
  • ● Durable body
  • ● Upto 300 cuts
  • ● Heavy
  • ● Batteries not include

#4: Greenworks 40V 12″ Chainsaw

There are many reputable companies that work on chainsaw machines, and of them is Greenworks. Greenworks is mostly associated with outdoor equipment, but their chainsaw machines are worth trying, too, and that’s what forces me to add one of their products to my list.

With a weight of only 6 pounds, the Greenworks 40V machine is a lightweight and portable tool that is easy to carry. This makes it an ideal choice for cutting tree branches that are located high up. In addition, it produces 50 % less noise and vibration compared to other machines in the market.

It is powered by a G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion battery which is included with the machine, so you don’t have to invest extra money in it. These powerful batteries enhance the machine’s performance and deliver up to 65 cuts per charge on 4×4 pressure-treated wood.

When it comes to additional features, the machine offers a toolless tensioning feature that makes it easy for you to adjust the chain tension without having to carry additional tools. Moreover, it has an automatic oiler that automatically oils the chain and bar, eliminating the need for a manual process.

  • ● Lightweight
  • ● Low upkeep
  • ● Automatic oiler
  • ● 4-year warranty
  • ● Easy to operate
  • ● Not good for thicker branches
  • ● Difficult to check oil levels

#5: Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw

As the name suggests, it’s a gasoline-operated chainsaw that maximizes the productivity of the work. It measures 32.5 x 9.05 x 11 inches (LxWxH) and features a 16-inch blade.

The 16-inch chain is perfect for bucking larger trees or cutting firewood and is equipped with an inertia-activated chain brake feature that reduces the likelihood of injury due to kickback.

Moreover, compared to other gasoline chainsaws, the machine is more efficient and emits less emissions in the air thanks to its 38-cc, 2.1-HP X-Torq engine. This means you can have the maximum output without causing damage to the air quality.

The centrifugal air system is another beneficial feature that expels the dust particles away from the air filter so they don’t enter the engine during the cutting process. Therefore, you can use the machine for many years without any issues.

  • ● Robust
  • ● 16-inch blade
  • ● Less emission
  • ● Easy to handle
  • ● Air injection technology
  • ● Difficult to find parts offline

Conclusion .

Farm life is difficult; therefore, you need powerful tools like chainsaws to help you get most of the work done easily. These machines are becoming more popular and come with advanced features that take performance to the next level.

Each chainsaw machine is made for different purposes; while some are good in portability, others are better in performance. So it totally depends on you which one to go for. Scan all the products mentioned above and look for the features like engine, power source, cost, and safety, and finally, choose the one that fulfills all these criteria.

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